RevePeel Chemical Peel in Temecula, CA

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What is a RevePeel?


RevePeel is a true medium depth peel that contains four peeling acids in an oil-based delivery system which ensures even penetration to offer a deeper more even peel without being too harsh and without significant downtime.
By using moist botaniceutical extracts and micronized pure silver particles, RevePeel provides a safe effective chemical peel that leaves the skin soothed and hydrated.

If you are bothered by one or more of the following skin concerns, the RevePeel is the solution you are looking for:

  • Sun Damage?
  • Fine lines / Wrinkles?
  • Acne / Acne scars?
  • Uneven skin-tone?
  • Rough texture?
  • Dark spots?
  • Melasma?
  • Hyperpigmentation?


How The Revepeel Chemical peel works

The RevePeel is safe, effective, and virtually painless, removing years of damage in just one week. The highly effective peeling acids penetrate into skin with a revolutionary oil-blended delivery system which applies evenly and reduces the risk of inflammation. The top layer of skin is exfoliated in sheets over 7 days, revealing beautiful new skin. The high-end micronized silver post-care home kit ensures rapid healing at home. RevePeel is the only peel with targeted treatment on hyperpigmentation, melasma, and acne from day 2 of the peeling process to deliver remarkable results that will wow everyone!

You should expect 1 to 2 days of looking like you have a mild sunburn, followed by light peeling after 48 hours, then heavy peeling on days 4 to 6. Afterward, you’ll see fresh and beautiful new skin. Post care instruction should be strictly followed to take care of your new and sensitive skin, especially in the first 28 days after the peel. You won’t believe your own reflection in the mirror.

What is RevePeel Enlighten Rx?

The Enlighten Rx Depigmentation Mask by LeReve is a cosmetic skin exfoliating and lightening system. It includes an in-office treatment and 28 days home care regimen to work against skin blemishes and discoloration. This mask is a targeted treatment for hyperpigmentation, sun spots, melasma, freckles, acne scars, dull skin, and large pores.


Enhanced by multiple high potency skin exfoliating and lightening agents, Enlighten Rx peel stimulates cell turnover and exfoliates the upper surface of skin to lift existing pigmentation, irregularities or blemishes. At the same time, the lightening agents continue to inhibit discolored pigmentation at the dermal level to equalize skin tone.

Dramatically noticeable results in 1 week and full results in 1 month.

The home skin care protocol influences the effect of the peel and its ultimate results, so following the strict regimen is necessary. The Enlighten Rx includes 28 days of home care.


The Enlighten Rx Depigmentation Mask reduces and eliminates acquired skin blemishes for certain types of skin pigmentation that don’t respond to more traditional treatments, increasing skin luminosity and equalizing skin tone. This two-step prescription process actually communicates with your cells, bringing discolored pigmentation up to the surface to increase cell turnover, and then goes even deeper to inhibit discolored pigmentation.

Safe for Every Skin Tone

Enlighten Rx is designed for all skin types including dark skin types who are at a higher risk for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. from Laser, IPL or traditional peels.

Enlighten Rx can possibly be used as pre-treatment for RevePeel for even better results.

Professional and Medical Grade services are meant to be performed in a series, depending on service, every 4-6 weeks to see actual physiological change. This should always be accompanied by professional products that have a much higher concentration of active ingredients than drugstore products. Together the effects will support your skin goals.

If you are interested in brightening your complexion or improving the appearance of your skin schedule a consultation today.

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