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Dr. Tumbaga offers a variety of anti-aging and regenerative procedures and is certified in the therapeutic and cosmetic applications of facial fillers. Dr. Tumbaga also provides integrated cosmetic treatments using the Icon™ Laser for procedures, such as laser hair removal, skin revitalization, skin resurfacing, and scar removal. Our anti-aging skills extend to other services, including microneedling facials and hair restoration, prolotherapy, IV nutrition, IV chelation, vitamin injections, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, weight reduction, nutritional supplements, and laboratory testing. Our body sculpting procedures include fat reduction, liposuction, tummy tucks, skin tightening, facelifts, and more.

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Dr. Gloria Tumbaga and her experienced team of professionals are always willing to listen and respond to any questions or concerns regarding your aesthetic goals. We are highly trained in providing a wide variety of anti-aging techniques to keep your body looking as young as you feel. Additionally, our staff is dedicated to providing natural solutions for the cosmetic needs of our patients in Temecula, CA.

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"I went in for a consult and was sold on laser hair removal for my underarms. Dr. Tumbaga and her team are amazing. They made me feel right at home and at ease with all of the info."



"I am so happy tonight! I have been lethargic & basically, felt cruddy since Christmas. I tried to get into 2 of my doctor’s offices & couldn’t. A friend told me about IV treatments, so I started doing some research. This office is amazing! I came in weak & tired. I was met with a PA who sat with me as I did my paper work!!  After an IV treatment & B12 shot, I feel like a new woman. The doctor actually came in & talked to me about my issues - and, she was the one who took my IV out & gave me advice! WOW! I’ve had 4 children & a doctor has never took my IV out! I felt so taken care of. I highly recommend this office!"



"Dr. Tumbaga was amazing as were all the assistants. They made the experience extremely comfortable. Dr. Tumbaga would stop at points to check in with me so I could see how things were going and confirm it was what I was looking for. Lip fillers came out exactly how I wanted. I will definitely be back."



"Dr Tumbaga is amazing. She corrected some fillers that another office had done. She made my lips look even. I appreciate the time and attention she gave me as a new patient. She has a great eye for symmetry. I’m going back for lasers next."



"I was desperate when I got here. Due to complications of medical botox for migraine, I had severe ptosis. One eye looked like I was terrified and the other looked like I was sleeping. I had visual impairment and the last thing I wanted to do was botox. From the first phone call, to intake to meeting Dr. Timbaland, I was amazed. The anxiety I was experiencing dropped several notices and within days, I feel human. Every single staff person I met there has been extraordinary. I love this olace!"




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Wellness Diagnostics and Medispa is the ideal practice for advanced anti-aging and regenerative procedures in Temecula, CA. We are proficient in numerous cosmetic procedures, all of which are completely natural and promote excellent skin care without the need for drugs or surgeries.