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Here's What to Expect After Your O-Shot® Treatment

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 05/14/2022

Sexual health is an integral part of wellness, and the O-Shot may be the option you’re looking for to enhance sexual libido and pleasure.


Can the P-Shot® Treat Peyronie's Disease

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 04/22/2022

A P-Shot® can help improve your sexual health, including treating Peyronie's Disease by improving circulation, tissue regeneration, and cell health.


How Long Will My Laser Skin Resurfacing Results Last?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 04/16/2022

No skin treatment is permanent, but laser skin resurfacing can take years off your face in just weeks with a custom treatment plan near Menifee, CA.


Are There Any Side Effects to Laser Liposuction?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 03/31/2022

Laser liposuction is a safe procedure that produces some redness and numbness, but it is less intense than traditional methods.


Will the O-Shot® Improve My Sexual Experience?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 03/17/2022

The O-Shot uses platelet-rich plasma to increase arousal and enhance your sexual experience. Learn how the revolutionary O-Shot treatment works here.


Look Years Younger With Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 02/14/2022

Laser skin resurfacing is an effective way to remove unwanted wrinkles and sun damage. See how we address common signs of aging with laser treatment.


How Much Fat Can Be Reduced With Laser Liposuction?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 02/10/2022

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga of Wellness Diagnostic and Medispa offers fat transfer and laser liposuction treatments for volume and fullness.


New Year, New You with Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 01/21/2022

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga with Wellness Diagnostic and Medispa offers her patients laser skin resurfacing for youthful complexions.


How Often Do I Need to Get O-Shot® Injections?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 01/15/2022

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga with Wellness Diagnostics and Medispa offers women the O-Shot to improve sexual and urinary health.


How Long After the P-Shot® Will Results Be Noticeable?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 12/28/2021

The P-Shot provides effective results for erectile dysfunction, although the timeframe for when it will work will vary.


What Lifestyle Changes Should You Make After Laser Lipo And Fat Transfer?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 12/11/2021

Once you’ve achieved your ideal physique with laser lipo plus fat transfer, ensure long-lasting results with these changes to your everyday routines.


Will the O-Shot® Relieve Intercourse Pain for Women?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 11/27/2021

Learn how the O-Shot procedure can help relieve sexual intercourse pain and help you experience fulfilled sexual relations once again.


Even Toned Facial Skin is Treatments Away With Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 11/12/2021

Laser skin resurfacing can help to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, like uneven skin tone. Keep reading to find out more.


What Is the P-Shot® and How Does It Work?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 10/28/2021

The P-Shot® is a remarkable erectile dysfunction treatment that uses your own PRP to correct your concerns.


Am I a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer and Laser Lipo?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 10/19/2021

The fat transfer and laser lipo procedure works well for many areas on your body if you are a good candidate.


Can the P-Shot® Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 09/27/2021

The P-Shot is an exciting solution to explore for your erectile dysfunction needs because it uses your body’s natural cells.


What to Do Before and After Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 09/21/2021

There are multiple factors to consider before and after skin resurfacing treatments. Our team will ensure you're well-informed and well-equipped.


What are the Benefits of O-Shot® Treatment?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 08/31/2021

Sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence are common – but treatable. The O-Shot is an effective procedure to help you achieve sexual satisfaction.


What Body Parts Is Laser Liposuction and Fat Transfer Used On?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 08/14/2021

Laser liposuction and fat transfer can be used in different areas for custom results. Learn how we perform body contouring at our cutting-edge clinic.


What is Vaginal Atrophy and How Does the O-Shot® Treat It?

Dr. Gloria Tumbaga | 07/17/2021

Vaginal atrophy can cause problems like dryness and urinary incontinence. See how the O-Shot rejuvenates vaginal tissue through platelet-rich plasma.


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