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Hand Rejuvenation in Temecula, CA

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What is hand rejuvenation?

During the normal aging process, your hands may begin to lose volume and start to look wrinkled. A great way to regain lost volume is through a fat transfer or dermal filler. Depending on your preference, a fat transfer takes fat from the stomach and injects it into the hands for additional volume. In some cases, patients may prefer dermal fillers, which also add volume to the hands. No matter your decision, Dr. Gloria Tumbaga uses the most advanced grafting techniques and best dermal filler products for your cosmetic needs. At Wellness Diagnostics and Medispa, our medical spa in Temecula, CA can create smooth and beautiful outcomes.

What Are The Benefits Of Hand Rejuvenation?

A personalized hand rejuvenation treatment plan at Wellness Diagnostics and Medispa can help restore a more youthful look to your hands with benefits like:

  • Multiple treatment options
  • Restoring volume loss
  • Softening and smoothing the skin
  • Stimulating collagen and elastin production
  • Rejuvenating the appearance of the hands
  • Supporting skin health
  • Little to no downtime

Who is a candidate for hand rejuvenation?

Our skin becomes less firm and elastic as we age. This can cause our hands to appear wrinkled, sunken, or hollow over time. The best candidates for hand rejuvenation are older adults in generally good health and are concerned with the overall appearance of their hands. If you feel self-conscious and want your hands to look more youthful again, Dr. Tumbaga recommends modern fat grafting techniques or dermal fillers at our clinic. Both of these procedures can soften wrinkles and give you the appearance of younger skin.

What to expect with a fat transfer or dermal filler

During your consultation, we can design a treatment plan that outlines your needs and determine which treatment type works best. Patients who prefer a fat transfer need liposuction to remove a small amount of fat, purify the tissue, and place it into the hands. We can cover all the details about this process at your appointment. For those who want dermal filler injections, Dr. Tumbaga can perform these sessions after your consultation. She will begin by numbing the treatment area and gently placing the filler throughout your hands. You will receive detailed aftercare instructions and information about follow-up appointments for each type of treatment.

What To Expect After Hand Rejuvenation

After undergoing hand rejuvenation at Wellness Diagnostics and Medispa, you can expect to see a significant improvement in the appearance of your hands with minimal downtime. Whether you choose a fat transfer or dermal fillers, Dr. Tumbaga will ensure your hands receive the volume they need to look youthful and smooth once again. Following the procedure, some patients may experience mild swelling or discomfort, but these symptoms typically subside quickly, allowing you to enjoy your rejuvenated hands. Dr. Tumbaga will provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery and the best possible outcome.

Hand Rejuvenation FAQ

How much does a hand rejuvenation cost?
The cost for hand rejuvenation varies depending on the type of method you choose for your rejuvenation. Every patient is unique and has a unique treatment plan. Once we have a better idea of your needs and create a treatment plan, we can give you an estimated cost.

Will I need more than one treatment?
Hand rejuvenation treatments provide stunning results and can even help reverse the signs of aging; however, it does not stop the natural aging process. In some cases, multiple treatments may be necessary to help you reach your desired results or maintain your results. Typically, dermal fillers can last anywhere between 1 – 3 years, and a fat transfer can last for several years.

How much fat is needed for the fat transfer method?
While each patient differs, most patients only need about 1 – 2 tablespoons of fat harvested from their body.

How long will my hand rejuvenation results last?
Hand rejuvenation results can last several months to years, depending on the treatment used. Dermal fillers typically last 6 – 12 months, while fat transfer results can be more long-lasting, often several years.

Can hand rejuvenation improve the appearance of veins and tendons under the skin?
Hand rejuvenation can reduce the visibility of veins and tendons by restoring volume and smoothing the skin. Treatments like dermal fillers and fat transfer create a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Should I choose dermal filler or fat transfer for hand rejuvenation?
The choice between dermal fillers and fat transfer depends on your goals and preferences. Dermal fillers provide quick results with minimal downtime, while fat transfer offers longer-lasting results by using your own body fat to restore volume. During your consultation, our team can help determine the best option for you.

Enjoy younger-looking hands

If you wish to attain younger-looking hands, these treatments may be a great option. Either treatment can help you achieve the look you want without pursuing a major surgery that could require a lengthy recovery period. We invite you to call our front desk team to schedule your consultation at Wellness Diagnostics and Medispa in Temecula, CA.

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