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Make Vaginal Dryness a Thing of the Past with O-Shot® Treatment

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Millions of women struggle with painful intercourse, which is often due to increased vaginal dryness that occurs as a result of aging and hormone changes. This can be frustrating and uncomfortable, and even cause friction in relationships on occasion. While there are a number of vaginal lubrication solutions available today, the majority involve prescription medications, hormones, and other components that some women would prefer to avoid. At Wellness Diagnostics and Medispa in Temecula, CA, medical aesthetics and wellness specialist Dr. Gloria Tumbaga understands the sensitive and personal nature of female dryness and the desire for a natural alternative to medications. With this in mind, Dr. Tumbaga is proud to offer the O-Shot. Keep reading for more information about how the all-natural O-Shot can help to increase vaginal lubrication and discover the many other benefits of this revolutionary treatment.

What is the O-Shot?

Also known as the Orgasm Shot, the O-Shot is a popular female sexual health treatment that works to improve or even reverse a long list of common intimate concerns — including vaginal dryness — by harnessing the powerful regenerative properties found in the patient’s own blood. The treatment itself involves drawing a small tube of blood from the patient’s arm and placing it into a centrifuge, where it is spun to isolate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The PRP is then prepared into a serum and injected into certain areas of the vagina to stimulate cell generation, repair, and more. Over time, patients can achieve a noticeable improvement in many of the unwanted symptoms of female sexual dysfunction, incontinence, and more.

How does the O-Shot help with vaginal dryness?

The regenerative and reparative properties in the PRP used in the O-Shot can help to stimulate natural lubrication, increase sexual sensitivity, promote blood flow, and more — ultimately leading to an improvement in vaginal dryness and the symptoms that go along with it, like pain during sex.

What else does the O-Shot help with?

In addition to improving vaginal lubrication and decreasing pain associated with vaginal dryness, patients often achieve a much broader improvement in their overall sexual function and intimate wellness. Some of the most common female sexual health and wellness issues that can be dramatically improved or even overcome with the O-Shot include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decreased sexual sensation
  • Decreased sexual sensitivity
  • Difficulty reaching climax
  • Weak orgasms
  • Discomfort during sex
  • Painful sex
  • Low libido
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Mild vaginal atrophy

If you have any of these concerns, you may benefit by scheduling a consultation for the O-Shot in the San Diego, CA area.

How long does it take the O-Shot to start working?

On average, Menifee and Murrieta, CA patients can expect to notice improvements in their unwanted symptoms about two weeks after receiving O-Shot treatment, and the effects should continue to improve over the next several months. For many women, the results of the O-Shot can provide an enhanced sexual experience for up to 1 – 2 years.

Don’t let vaginal dryness run your sex life any longer. Consider the O-Shot in Temecula, CA

If vaginal dryness is causing pain with sex or you’re experiencing other female sexual dysfunction problems that you’d like to address without synthetic medications, the O-Shot for women may be right for you. Take the first step toward regaining control of your sexual satisfaction today by calling Wellness Diagnostics and Medispa to schedule your O-Shot near the Murrieta and Menifee, CA areas with wellness specialist Dr. Gloria Tumbaga. We look forward to helping you achieve the life-changing results you deserve with the O-Shot.

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