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How Much Fat Can Be Reduced With Laser Liposuction?

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Lost fullness and volume in the face and other parts of the body are common with age and major weight changes. Fortunately, innovative cosmetic treatments are available to men and women who want to reclaim their youthful and vibrant appearances. Dr. Gloria Tumbaga is a medical aesthetics specialist with Wellness Diagnostic and Medispa located in Temecula, CA. Using cutting-edge laser technology, Dr. Tumbaga offers her patients safe and effective fat transfer treatments to achieve beautifully sculpted results that can last for years.

What is a fat transfer?

A fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure that uses a combination of laser liposuction and fat injection techniques. Unwanted fat is harvested from specific areas of the body using liposuction and transferred to treatment areas that have hollowed and thinned out with age. At Wellness Diagnostic and Medispa, Dr. Tumbaga works with her patients to personalize fat transfer treatment plans to meet their desired cosmetic goals.

How is a fat transfer different from using fillers?

As opposed to dermal fillers and implants that use synthetic materials, a fat transfer is a more natural method because the patient’s own fat cells are used to add volume and fullness. Since fat transfer injections use the patient’s fatty tissue, the body is less likely to reject or have an adverse reaction to the treatment.

Where on my body can I get a fat transfer?

Dr. Tumbaga provides highly customized treatment plans so that patients can have fat transfer treatments performed just about anywhere on the body. Using laser liposuction, fat cells are usually harvested from areas where fatty tissue is plentiful, including:

  • The abdomen

  • The inner thighs

  • The hips

Harvested fat cells are commonly transferred to certain areas of the face, the buttocks, the breasts, and the hands to naturally augment areas in need of a volume boost.

Am I an ideal candidate for a fat transfer?

Both men and women may be candidates for fat transfer in Temecula, CA if they:

  • Have visibly thinned areas of the body

  • Have areas that appear hollowed or deflated

  • Are at a specific and appropriate weight for treatment

  • Have enough fat for transfer treatments

Dr. Tumbaga collects each patient’s personal history and listens to their goals and concerns to determine if a fat transfer treatment would be a safe and appropriate cosmetic procedure to use.

What does a fat transfer treatment look like?

Fat transfer procedures are completed in one of our private treatment rooms at Wellness Diagnostic and Medispa. Dr. Tumbaga numbs each treatment area with local anesthesia to make the procedure as pain-free and comfortable as possible. Using laser liposuction, fat cells are harvested and placed in a centrifuge and then injected into each desired treatment area. After treatment areas are sanitized, patients are free to return home.

How much fat can be reduced with laser liposuction?

Depending on the treatment plan and the size of the patient, up to five liters of fat can be removed with laser liposuction. Patients should know that a fat transfer is not considered a suitable weight loss procedure and is meant to simply shape and contour the body. If your personal goals revolve around weight loss, consult with Dr. Tumbaga to discuss available treatment options.

Is there a recovery period?

Since a fat transfer is an outpatient procedure, patients can expect a short recovery with some post-treatment swelling and bruising that will resolve on its own. Depending on the size and number of treatment areas, full healing and recovery could take a few weeks to complete. Dr. Tumbaga sends each patient home with specific instructions to optimize healing so patients can return to normal, daily activities as soon as possible.

How long do results last?

With time, some transferred body fat is expected to reabsorb into the body. While some patients return to our clinic for maintenance treatments, others can expect their results to last for several years.

Where to go to learn more about laser liposuction and fat transfer treatments

If you have experienced volume loss in certain areas of your body and are looking for ways to sculpt your body without the use of synthetic materials, contact our team at Wellness Diagnostic and Medispa located in Temecula, CA and schedule an appointment with Dr. Gloria Tumbaga today. During your consultation, Dr. Tumbaga will help you determine if a fat transfer is right for you.

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