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Can the O-Shot® Make the Vagina Tighter?

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The inability to become aroused or orgasm during intercourse, lack of sexual desire, or painful sex are all symptoms of sexual dysfunction that affect women of all ages. If you're having trouble staying lubricated before or during intercourse, or are no longer interested in sex, you may want to consider the O-Shot. The O-Shot, also known as Orgasm Shot, is a minimally invasive procedure that effectively and safely restores your ability to climax by improving sensation and lubrication, but can it make the vagina area tighter?

At Wellness Diagnostics & Medispa, in Temecula, CA, medical aesthetics specialist Dr. Gloria Tumbaga helps women interested in this innovative, nonsurgical procedure to treat sexual dysfunction. Read on to learn how the O-Shot can enhance your sexual pleasure and rejuvenate vaginal tissue with this breakthrough treatment.

What is the O-Shot for women?

The O-Shot is a revolutionary procedure that uses a woman's platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from a small blood sample to rejuvenate vaginal tissues and help patients have satisfying intercourse. If you are a woman who has a low sexual desire or suffers from vaginal tightness or sensitivity, the O-Shot can help. The PRP treatment activates the body's stem cells and revitalizes and rejuvenates clitoral and vaginal function, giving women more intense orgasms. This simple in-office treatment takes about 20 minutes to temporarily enhance the Grafenburg spot (G-Spot) in sexually active women with normal sexual function.

Benefits of the O-Shot and how it works

By using an FDA-approved centrifuge, growth factors and platelets are separated to create platelet-rich plasma. After a topical numbing cream is applied to the vaginal area, a thin needle is used to inject the PRP near the upper area and clitoris, the most crucial area for female sexual pleasure. Patients experience the benefits of the O-Shot almost immediately, with full rejuvenation after about eight weeks. There is no downtime associated with this sexual enhancement therapy. Other benefits of the O-Shot are:

  • Stronger orgasm
  • Rejuvenated skin around the vulva
  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • Increased sexual desire and lubrication
  • Decreased discomfort for those suffering from painful intercourse
  • Decreased stress urinary incontinence
  • Tighter vaginal opening

Can the O-Shot make my vagina tighter?

The growth factors with platelet-rich plasma work to increase blood flow to the vaginal area, resulting in healthier skin and a tighter vaginal opening. This female vaginal rejuvenation treatment improves a woman's libido, increases lubrication, provides stronger orgasms, and an overall more youthful appearance in the target area. Ideal candidates of the Temecula, CA O-Shot therapy generally require two treatments for better sexual function for up to a year or more. With no significant side effects, except temporary swelling and hypersensitivity for about 1 – 3 days, this short, in-office appointment can provide long-lasting, effective results.

Are you considering the O-Shot in Temecula, CA?

Nearly 50% of females suffer from sexual dysfunction, particularly women going through menopause, and many are uncomfortable talking about it. Dr. Gloria Tumbaga and her team will make you feel completely at ease as soon as you enter the office. During your initial consultation, Dr. Tumbaga will listen to your questions and concerns and then explain the O-Shot procedure in detail so you can make an informed decision. Restore your sexual health and contact Wellness Diagnostics & Medispa in Temecula, CA to schedule your consultation today.

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